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The tariffs of Sen Dimanch

Sen Dimanch citizens, residents, and visitors, I present to you the principal tariff conditions applied to the banking operations of private individuals, professionals, companies, and associations with international operations. Faithful and co-operatives, the founder studied his tariffs with the best national interests in mind in order to bring many solutions to our country's political and social problems and to reconcile quality of presentation in order to offer social services to the population of Sen Dimanch Island.

Transfer National De Sen Dimanch

Transfer National De Sen Dimanch was created by our founder for the economic transformation and as a solution to help regulate and protect the country's national and international interests as well as to provide benefits such as the following to the Sen Dimanch people.

Tax rebates

Food programs and agriculture

Health care

Housing programs

Loans, education.

What is Transfer National De Sen Dimanch?

Transfer National de Sen Dimanch is a multi-currency system designed to manage the entire country's financial transactions such as payroll, property tax, and income tax. And for future government head of the country's management system in the fight against corruptions. I will encourage everyone to use Transfer National de Sen Dimanch for all purchases so that you have legal proof in the event of a dispute or legal action. The government and justice department will accept all electronic e-mail receipts, printout receipts, and stamps from the banks for the usage as legal court documents.

Note: In order to understand this website and take advantage of this global opportunity, it is recommended that all users improve their English-speaking skills as we've planned to conduct international transactions with allies of Sen Dimanch.

All citizen of Sen Dimanch must have e-mail account with Sen Dimanch epostal.RSD

Everyone using Transfer National de Sen Dimanch is required to obtain an e-mail social ID account with ePostal Sen Dimanch. Any other e-mail addresses used to obtain a new account, access an account, or change account information will be suspended or deleted unless authorized by the executive office of the government.

Standards for using Transfer National de Sen Dimanch

As a founding Father of Sen Dimanch, my wish is that everyone will grow and prosper. It is important that everyone use Transfer National de Sen Dimanch with integrity, respect, and with the intent to have a prosperous life. Your contribution is needed. Please do not abuse the system with corruption and kidnappings. All illegal and corrupt activities, whether from individuals or companies, will be prosecuted, and if found guilty, will receive the maximum sentence and fine allowable by law and international law.

Rules for opening an account

Multiple accounts on Transfer National de Sen Dimanch or RSD de Sen Dimanch are not allowed, with the exception of business owners, who must open a business account. Individuals are not allowed to use personal accounts for business and business owners are not allowed to use business accounts for personal use. This same standard applies to all government officials.

Death in the family

In the event of a death in the family you as a family member are hereby required by law to notify the government social agency and request the immediate closing of the deceased's account.

Information safety

In order to help you optimize the management of your accounts, please take note of "our councils" in the points economic and social of the country. Certain services require an analysis and tariffing of public and private sectors. Before operating, and for more detailed information, do not hesitate to consult your advisor or account executive for Transfer National de Sen Dimanch. As a citizen you have an active role in ensuring the complete safety of the information that you exchange with public and private sectors. Our services online are protected sites.

Please note the following recommendations for using our services.

Encrypted Data

The data you manage on our website is encrypted by the SSL protocol. You have a confidential code (click here in the event of a problem with your connection). Our website is secure and protected and is translated by your computer by the presence of https:// in front of the Internet address in your navigator as soon as you access your account.

Secure connection

Transfer National de Sen Dimanch will never send e-mail messages with a link that directs you to a page asking for your account ID and password. If you receive such an e-mail, do NOT enter your account information. Rather, get your Transfer National de Sen Dimanch website address directly from your navigator and store it in your Internet favorites. By using this method, you ensure that your connection with the Internet is the most secure.

Log off after use

Always log off your account after use by clicking the disconnect button. By using the disconnect button, you ensure that your account is no longer open on the Internet.

Password safety

To manage your password:

Transfer National de Sen Dimanch representatives will never ask you for your password. If someone asks you for your password and tells you they are from our website, do NOT give them your password. Contact us immediately.

Contact us immediately if you can't remember your account information or password and are unable to connect to Transfer National de Sen Dimanch.

  • When you receive your password from Transfer National de Sen Dimanch, change it the first time you log in and delete the e-mail that contained the original password.

    Create a password that will be easy for you to remember, but do not use a password that you have already used for other services (such as for e-mail).

    Remember your password, and do not write it down or give it to anyone.

    Change your password regularly.

    For safety reasons, do not save your account ID and password on the Internet page, even if your navigator asks if you want to do so.

    Never transmit your password.

Protect your computer

To protect your computer:

  • Use regularly updated anti-virus software.

    Use a firewall to protect your connection to the Internet. With a firewall, only authorized programs are allowed to connect.

    Update your operating system regularly with the latest security patches. For more information, call [phone number].

Be aware of fraud

To avoid fraud, be extremely vigilant about e-mails you receive about your account. Certain defrauders try to abuse your trust by sending you an e-mail asking you for personal information such as the number on your bankcard, the account ID and password of your account, etc. They often include a link that when clicked on, leads to a fictitious website that may look the site of your bank when in fact it is not.

Remain vigilant. Check the date and time of your last connection to Transfer National de Sen Dimanch. Check your accounts regularly. If you have any doubts about the security of your account, change your password immediately and contact us.

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